Why become a PorchGuru

Get paid to secure package delivery if you work from home and have some space to spare

step 1

Step 1

Get paid for receiving and securing deliveries

PorchGuru platform helps you manage incoming deliveries and schedule pick ups conveniently

step 1

Step 2

Flexible time

Set your calendar and working hours and service neighbors when convenient to you

step 2
step 3

Step 3

Discouraging Porch Piracy

With little incentive for porch pirates, you help in securing your neighborhood

step 3

Step 4

Making life easy as a friendly neighbor

For neighbors who are away at work, you provide a friendly service that makes their life easy

step 4

What it takes to be a PorchGuru

A friendly attitude, smile and love for your neighborhood!

A 21+ year old homeowner with extra space to store packages

Ability to provide extended evening hours for package pick ups

Background check

Stop porch piracy!!!
It's about time we change this.
Join us in this movement!

Launching soon!!!

PorchGuru’s new Mobile app & Chrome plugin

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